Dear Friends,

First and foremost we send our warm wishes to you and your loved ones. It has been a wonderfully successful year at Land of Medicine Buddha. We exist to be of benefit to others. With supporters like you we are able to achieve every goal.

This year our Stupa has finally come to be! The growth of our Stupa has been affirmation of the heart and enthusiasm of our LMB community. From January of this year when we received the permit to build – until today it has been ten months and so much has been completed! With the support of the community we have held two successful fundraisers for the Stupa. We are on track to keep pushing forward with the support of an exceptional team of volunteers and workers. Follow our progress as it is chronicled on our website and Facebook pages. See more about the Stupa Project.

Everyone at LMB wishes to express our deep appreciation for your generous offerings and support.

Generosity from the community to the dharma center is the heart tradition of helping preserve the Buddha-Dharma and allowing it to flourish. This tradition goes back to the time of the Buddha. While in the West we rarely see monks making alms rounds for their daily for food offering, we along with many spiritual and nonprofit organizations, do depend on support from our community. If you are moved to make a year-end donation please know how much we appreciate it and need your support!

See Donation Page

Efforts to make our membership program more encompassing to the wider community has been successful. Currently our most popular membership level is the Scholar level which allows students to attend all regularly scheduled classes and meditations and not need to remember to bring their wallet! If you are not a member yet, we welcome you to join us and become one. If you are a member, we hope you will continue! Memberships can be funded monthly through our website or with an annual donation by sending in a check.

See Membership Page

Please accept our sincere gratitude for the kindness and support we received from you during the past year. We hope that you will experience happiness in the coming year. May your generosity be the grounds for future happiness for you and all beings.

In Dharma,

Denice Macy, Director

& the LMB Team

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Main Office: 831-462-8383

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Land of Medicine Buddha
A Center for Healing and Developing a Good Heart


We are delighted and honored to welcome Jhado Rinpoche back to Land of Medicine Buddha January 2nd 2015.

Rinpoche has agreed to give the full empowerment of Namgyalma. teachings on the Namgyalma tantra, instructions on how to do the Namgyalma retreat, and a talk that is open to all.

Land of Medicine Buddha is fortunate to host a 16 day Namgyalma Retreat . Jhado Rinpoche will help us begin our retreat by leading us through the first session and he will then return on January 21st to guide us in the concluding fire puja.

The teaching on the “Sixteen Aspects of the Four Noble Truths” is open and suitable new and long term practitioners. Teachings on the Four Noble Truths are fundamental to understanding the the Buddhist path. We are honored to have a scholar and practitioner such as Jhado Rinpoche help us to understand the Buddha’s first teaching.

Registration and Lodging:

Please register if you intend to attend any of the events. This will allow our team to prepare materials and allow us to keep you informed of any changes in the schedule. *

Register online here:

Apply for a scholarship We want encourage anyone who is interested in attending these teachings and retreats to contact us if the cost of the events are prohibitive, especially those with life obstacles and who wish join in the retreat. If you would like to attend the retreat and have financial obstacles please email us. We will offer a few partial scholarships for serious students who need help.

No one will be turned away from the teachings or
empowerments because of a lack of funds.

Limited lodging It is imperative that you register asap if you would like to attend the teaching and retreat as a residential participant.

Course materials – Mudras: Jhado Rinpoche advised those who attended his teachings in 2012, that we should become familiar with the mudras, so that when he returns, he can continue with the teachings and not need to teach the mudras again.

Once you have registered, if you fulfill the prerequisites of having the relevant empowerments, we will provide you with the materials you need in order to practice the mudras and get prepared for these teachings before Rinpoche arrives.


(subject to change)

Jan 3, Saturday: 
Morning – Teaching on 4 Noble Truths and the 16 Aspects
Afternoon – Teaching on Namgyalma

Jan 4, Sunday: Namgyalma Empowerment and Teaching
Morning / Afternoon – Namgyalma preparation initiaition
Evening – Teaching on Namgyalma

Jan 5, Monday:  Namgyalma Empowerment and Teaching
Morning / Afternoon – Namgyalma actual intiaition
Evening – Teaching on Namgyalma

Jan 6, Tuesday:   Namgyalma retreat. Rinpoche will start with retreat with us in the morning.

Jan 7 – 20: Namgyalma retreat continues, led by Ven. Steve Carlier

Jan 21, Wednesday: Fire Puja preparation with Jhado Rinpoche

Jan 22, Thursday:  Morning – Concluding session of retreat and Fire Puja by Jhado Rinpoche


The Buddha brought light into the world. May that light continue to shine forth from our hearts and minds. We pray that our Stupa will support all who see and/or visit.

Right now we are offering supporters, old and new, an opportunity to sponsor holy images of Shakyamuni Buddha and a variety of mantras. In appreciation, we will offer lights at our Stupa on Lab.bab Du.chen and beyond.

Offer Holy Mantras, Images and Lights!

Stupa second levelThe base of our Stupa has been filled and sealed according to the advice of Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Geshe Ngawang Drakpa and Geshe Wangdu. We couldn’t be blessed with more wonderful guides. Our supreme advice combined with an amazing group of supporters brought us to where we are today. Holy objects arrived at the center from around the globe. You will find summary list of items that were placed inside the first level is here.

We are in the process of completing the preparations to fill the second level and seal it before the winter rains come. The Tengyur, holy Collected Works of Lama Tsong Khapa and his two disciples, tsa tsas, stupas, millions of mantras and thousand images of Shakyamuni Buddha will fill the second level of the stupa.

We invite you to take part in the launch of our second official fundraising event 
by sponsoring mantras and images of Shakyamuni Buddha  
  • We are aiming to raise at least $8,888 during this fundraiser.
  • We welcome any amount of offering!
  • We have also created special perks with sponsorship levels ranging from $108 – $5,000

The 34-day period of offering light will coincide with the favorable dates, as advised by Geshe Ngawang Dakpa, according to the time in India – the place of the Buddha’s enlightenment. Land of Medicine Buddha Sangha members, Sangha members from Santa Cruz, Board members and staff will help to fill the Stupa and offer lights . In this way, as a community, we will be able to create the karmic causes for the success of the Stupa project.

Join us in this Special Project and Event

Here are the different way you can join in this phase of the Stupa’s creation. We will dedicate the merits from the light offerings to all the sponsors.
  • Donate any amount!
  • Select a ‘perk’ and donate a specific number of images or mantras at the $5,000, 1008, $500, $250, $108 level.
  • Invite your friends, family members, co-workers or employers in making a donation or sponsorship.
  • Join us in making the light offerings on Lab.bab Du.chen in November.

Ways to Contribute

    • Preferred Method: Write a check payable to Land of Medicine Buddha
      Note: Stupa Project
      Mail to 5800 Prescott Road, Soquel CA 95073
    • Contribute through our Indiegogo campaign
    • Make a donation to the Stupa Project using a secure server and your credit card.

Contributions may be received up until December 31st, 2014. In order to be included in the light offerings on Labab Duchen we will need to receive your names by 12noon on November 12th. The Indiegogo campaign will remain open for 60 days so that donations can be made there toward our goal. And, of course, donations can be made for the Stupa Project in general until the project is completed.

Make a Donation to Help Build the Stupa Now! 

We will thank you by making light offerings on your behalf from Nov 13, 2014, the special Buddha Days of the Buddha’s Descent from Tushita through Lama Tsong Khapa Day, Dec 16, 2014.

LTK light offerings

A Project inspired by Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche

Rinpoche pledged US$50,000.

Since its inception in 1997, the Stupa Project has undergone many stages of architectural design, planning, consultations, working with government agencies, redesigns, further consultations. After observations and consultation with Lama Zopa Rinpoche and also Khandrola, we were advised to build a Mahabodhi Temple, similar to the one in Bodhgaya, which was built at the site where the Buddha attained enlightenment.

We thank you for your interest, support, and generosity towards this project.